Unbeatable Reasons To Choose WordPress for A Website

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Why Choose WordPress for Website

When someone is trying to set up their own new website they come across this question. Whether to choose WordPress or not? For everyone out there who is trying to bring their dream into reality, this article is recommended. Easy to understand even for novices.

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What Is WordPress?

Those who are new may not understand the concept of WordPress yet. Let us try to break it down simply for them and advocate some facts why it is better and has such credibility in the market today.

WordPress is actually a virtual tool that someone uses to create a website on the internet. It is like your pen and paper of online world. It is the largest content managing platform in the internet world right now.

It has its own language and is called PHP. It does everything that you see on a web page. To tell in short so that the non-computer person will understand that it is the easiest and most powerful way to blog, manage the website and its content (CMS) and to share your thoughts.

WordPress has earned a great amount of respect for CMS (content management system) and enterprise website work. CMS or content management system manages the creation and modification of digital content. It can typically support multiple users in a collaborative environment.

And as for enterprise website, it is a bit hard to describe as it is not something definite and has an elusive meaning behind it. You will see it frequently used in many places. It is an idea actually referring to both a difficult undertaking and a business or company.

It can be a website of a company, enterprise, or anything, a site that deals with a massive user base or attracts a colossal number of visitors. It will be huge and variable. Like that of a Pepsico, WalMart, The Times, etc.

The Look of WordPress Popularity

Why Choose WordPress for WebsiteWordPress growth is very fast like its popularity. It has 65% CMS global market, 25% websites in the World and 76.5 million blogs sites. In the other hands, 130,496,012 themes got the download in 2015. 50,000 websites are being launched daily, 409+ million people view more than 19.6 billion pages and 24.7 million files are uploaded to WordPress.com. These include website like Sony, Microsoft, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Time Magazine, The New Yorker, etc.

Why Choose WordPress Over Others?

It all started as just a blogging tool but now WordPress is a market and it makes your bucks. Currently, 25% of the website available in the world is designed using WordPress.

And why not?! It has so much to offer.

Running an enterprise website or a successful business you have to be future-proof, ready to deal with any situation, full of possibilities, creative and able to mend things your way. And WordPress allows you that.

1. Free Access

Why Choose WordPress for WebsiteThe first and foremost step to work with WordPress is to get a WordPress and that is free. You can download your own WordPress from wordpress.org and get started with it.

No money, rules, requirements needed. You can grab it anytime. The software has always been free, is free and there are high possibilities that it will be free for the rest of its existence.

2. Open Sources

All its source codes are publically available, that too free of cost. That is why WordPress can be redistributed, reconstructed or edited as per wish.

This is what makes WordPress the perfect medium for startup companies and also the low budget ones. Bend it the way you want. You get answers to all your questions and problems on the internet. It is full of content to teach you about it.

One can study and learn WordPress from zero and other things surrounding the system thus no need to pay for an expert or hire people to do it. WordPress saves a lot of money.

3. Limitless Possibilities

Why Choose WordPress for WebsiteWordPress has evolved and is more than a blog publishing platform. It has a lot of versatility and gives you full flexibility to create any type of website possible.

As everything regarding WordPress is free it allows people to make changes to it however they want and how much they want.

The resources are limitless as a result the amount of products is limitless too. No one is bound but is free to do whatever they want.

4. Unlimited of themes

WordPress uses theme or templates as its design. Your website will be built on the direction it provides. It is like the blueprint and makes your job much easier.

These themes let you create an e-commerce website, blog, video website, photography website, question answer website, portfolio, branding, etc. Anything you need.

You can get any type of theme or templates that you want on the internet as well. They can be both free and premium that you have to buy with money. There are websites like themeforest.net or codexcoder.com that has a wide range of products that will amaze you.

They have excellent layouts and designs and provide customized themes too. Effective yet easy settings with color and style option fonts, Google translator, map, mailing, banking options fills you with all requirements.

5. Unlimited of plugins

WordPress plugins are bits of software that can be uploaded to extend and expand the functionality of any WordPress site. They are the tools that make your little virtual page more sufficient and beautiful looking.

These plugins are just fantastic. They make your work so much fun and better. Each plugin adds new possibilities to your site. From SEO to payment they cover up everything. And once again they can be free or premium. And you will be amazed by both.

6. Strong Supportive Forums

The WordPress community is huge. Not that every second building has a WordPress developer or working with it, it is that all of them has a nice tie with each other.

They maintain a contact. There are group chat, forums, pages and other ways to contact them. If you need to learn, ask or share something you will always find someone with help.

It is very supportive and as you get instant help without the need of paying your work does not get hampered in the midway. Just knock the forum, the answer is ready.

7. Easy to Work With

I have been preaching it all along and I’ll do it again. Because it is the truth. Working with WordPress is damn easy. I mean you don’t need to understand code or any computer language, not that knowing will not help you, but that is how WordPress is.

Described in simples almost all the work done just waiting for a purchase, WordPress makes your world easy. From starting to managing in the future everything can be done with many bumpers on the road.

It is one of the most user-friendly software ever developed. Also has got a helpful community. And its easy and intuitive administrative panel lets you control it the way you want.

8. Customization Needs No Pro

In future when you will need to add something new to your site or reconstruct it you will not have to fret over it. With tools and fully equipped instruction, you can do customization own your own.

9. Device Responsive

Why Choose WordPress for WebsiteThis is very important for a website to look equally appealing in every device be it a laptop with widescreen or a mobile phone that fits in your palm. A web page has to always look perfect no matter what, no time spared either.

And WordPress is what suits that requirement better than others. All the themes that come out are both device and retina responsive meaning your page will look its best to everyone from anywhere.

This is what makes your page more appealing to the visitors.

10. Huge Scalability

A website should be able to handle lots of visitor at a time. That’s a must. It makes your website more reliable.

WordPress does that impossible. Frankly speaking, hundreds or even thousands of people entering your website at the same time and engaging themselves in various actions is not an easy job to handle all the other functions going inside.

There is WordPress at Scale to help you with your scalability.  To make it work you have strengthened your database. There are features like MySQL Query Cache. MySQL replication can also handle many database requests. Guide your data by keeping a buffer pool.

Use PHP worker pool instead. Set up a distributed file-system for handling media between multiple servers. Be careful about selecting the right hosting company.

11. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Friendly

If you know anything about Google and SEO then you must know how important it is. Your site will never rank let alone earn if it is not optimized for the way Google has asked no matter how great of a sit you have built.

Sites need SEO. It helps you to be found by readers and makes you rank on the page. WordPress is SEO friendly and it can take care of that part a lot. More than 90% actually. What else can be as good as it?!

The themes, templates, and plug0ins you get for your website are what do the trick behind the scene.

12. Impenetrable Security

Why Choose WordPress for WebsiteThe security standard is set very high in WordPress. It keeps your website safe from any attack of malware, virus, and hackers.

It is true that as almost a quarter of the website on the internet inbuilt on it hackers are always looking for a loophole to get you your website built of WordPress but due to its regular updates and unlimited plug-ins, it is impossible for hackers to even get to you.

Keep your WordPress updates always and stay safe. Remember to:

  • Use basic security tools like WP Security & Firewall and Wordfence Security
  • Download plugins from WordPress.org only
  • Use recently updated plugins
  • Check plugin rating and no. of downloads
  • Download plugins from trusted sources only
  • Update WordPress with its recent version.
  • Use a premium theme as free themes may contain malicious codes and encrypted links sometime

13. Multimedia Supportive

A very rich text editor is used in WebSite that supports insertion of images, video, audio in a blog post and does it very easily.

Any high-resolution image or video can be added, upload and also edit just with few clicks.

14. Integrates with Service/Application

Though a WordPress theme is already self-sufficient and can take up to almost anything, new plugins to enrich your website, even more, are getting published every day.

Adding a plugin gives extra functionality in your WordPress website or upgrades its existing functions. There are around 41000+ plugins available both free and premium.

It also has the function of the contact form and email marketing allowing you to take control of your whole business from one spot.

15. Ever Blooming

It is large and it is effective which turns it into an ever blooming platform. Every day it evolves. It is becoming more user-friendly and getting new features. There is the latest person knocking on your door from time to time to make things better than before.

It is covering every sector possible from blogging to the business of all sorts. Working hand in hand with SEO and is providing options uncountable.

16. Flexible and customizable

WordPress is very flexible and customizable software codes. If require some advanced functionalities for our website, WordPress is going to easier for our web developers. WordPress designed code is very understandable and customizable for web developers.

17. Multisite Functionality

When you operate multiple websites from one central hub it becomes Multisite. And WordPress is one of the best options to do that. It supports everything one core installation. It allows you to create a private network of sites for a brand.

Also, WordPress offers a network of client sites that can be administered by an agency, or even can develop a network where people can add their own sites.

18. Own WP (JSON) REST API Feature

WP (JSON) REST API is a connector between WordPress and other software applications. It has a high rate of universality and compatibility.

API stands for Application Programming Interface. It is a software and links different application. It allows your website to get connected with many.

JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation. It describes a certain format for data exchange based on the JavaScript programming language. It is becoming more and more popular due to its ability to exchange data with other languages by converting them. It is your universal interpreter for websites.

REST is a stand-in for Representational State Transfer and describes an HTTP-based style of building APIs that is lightweight, suitable for high data volume, highly compatible (because it is based on HTTP) and user-friendly.

WP (JSON) REST API basically makes WordPress a full-scale application platform opening it to the rest of the internet.

19. Easy Installation

After downloading the free software, plug-ins, and other features, it is also very easy to install in your system. Most companies provide a one-click-installation system. That allows simplicity for many.

Most providers are also very complying in providing information about their software so you can inquire them about anything.

Go, Go WordPress

I assure you this is not it. WordPress will bring new surprises time to time and you will love it. It is designed to fit the future.

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