How to Install and Setup Wordfence Security in WordPress

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how to install and setup Wordfence Security in WordPress

In this time when competition is huge and everybody is running the race for the best keep your asset safe comes in the topmost priorities. The website has become the best mode of business and advertisement. It lets you join a vast marketplace and also connect people from everywhere in the world.

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WordPress among all is the most popular medium for setting a website. It is great because of the ease it provides to work with and because of the unlimited plugins that we can install for our needs.

Wordfence is one of those plugins that helps to keep the website save. It is a huge security that has very helpful options, can be free or premium and is easy to install in.

What Is Wordfence and How Does Wordfence Protect WordPress Site from Hackers?

In short, it is a plugin. A fantastic reliable plugin that keeps a website protected from hackers and intruders. It has a website application firewall that filters all the traffic that your website is receiving and blocks any suspicious requests and keeps you free of threats like hacking, malware, DDOS and brute force attacks.

It also has a malware scanner. The system scans all the WordPress core files, plugins, themes, upload folders for changes and even codes if there is any suspicion. Thus the application will also help afterward and will clean any hacked WordPress site.

Basically, it is free and can be downloaded from but there are premium versions as well that has access to more advanced features such as country blocking, firewall rules updated in real time, scheduled scanning, etc. to keep you ready for anything.

How to Install & Setup Wordfence

Down below there is step by step configuration of installing Wordfence. Best tries have been put to make it easy for everyone but if there is any problem feel free to contact us.

Easy Wordfence Installation.

Follow the steps!

Step 1

It is to install a plugin and it goes for every other plugin.

To add you Wordfence plugin into your WordPress, log into your WordPress admin panel.

Step 2

From there on the left side of the screen, there is a list. Find plugins section, click and again look for add new.

Select Plugins > Add new

how to install and setup Wordfence Security in WordPress

Figure 1

Step 3

Write Wordfence into the top-right Search Plugins box. Right there.

how to install and setup Wordfence Security in WordPress

Figure 2

Step 4

A list of plugins will appear. Find Wordfence and click “Install Now”. Most probably it will be on the top.

Your Wordfence is installed and you are ready to go!!

Upon installing and activating your email will be asked for security service. Give it but you can decline the offer of receiving security notification. It is optional.

Also, an option for taking a tour of the app will be provided. It will showcase all the features, plugin offers, and edit settings. Take it or leave it.

how to install and setup Wordfence Security in WordPress

Figure 3

Other Methods

But when you are not using the free plugin and is going for a more advanced paid plugin than the way is different. Also if you are using then it has limited abilities and does not have the option of installing plugins. An only upgraded version of business plan does that.

  1. For that, you have to use WordPress Admin Plugin Upload. At first, you have to download the plugin from the source. It will be a zip file.
  2. In the second step go to WordPress admin area and visit Plugins » Add New page.
  • On the top of the page, there is Upload Plugin Hit that.

how to install and setup Wordfence Security in WordPress

Figure 3.1

  1. Now you are on plugin upload page. There is a button like an option for choosing a file. Click that and select the zip file that you downloaded earlier.

how to install and setup Wordfence Security in WordPress

Figure 3.2

  1. When you are done looking for that file, click on it to choose and then hit the Install button to finish the installation.
  2. Now WordPress will get on to its work to install it and after a few minutes, it will send you a success message.

how to install and setup Wordfence Security in WordPress

Figure 3.3

  • After installing you will need to click on the Activate Plugin link to start using the plugin.

Then there again there is another way of FTP (File Transfer Protocol).

Set Up Guide

Step 5

Now you will see there is a new option of Wordfence in your admin panel.

Click on Wordfence and select dashboard option. This option shows you the main settings of the page

how to install and setup Wordfence Security in WordPress

Figure 4

All of the information is displayed on the page. It includes information on the last scan, malware blocked, IP addresses blocked, etc.

Step 6

The ‘Scan’ option allows you to scan your whole website. Any time.

how to install and setup Wordfence Security in WordPress

Figure 5

Step 7

Clicking on the “Start Wordfence Scan” starts the process. The free version gives you a default automatic 24-hour scan. In the paid upgraded version own schedule can be set. After checking a list showing all the problematic areas is provided.

how to install and setup Wordfence Security in WordPress

Figure 6

Step 8

Firewall. Firewall is the most important feature of this plugin. It is the one that prevents most malicious act done to your website from outside. Click on the firewall option to success it.

how to install and setup Wordfence Security in WordPress

Figure 7

Clicking the “Optimize the WordPress firewall” option will run a test for and figure out the settings for your website. You can keep it which is highly recommended or may pick up on your own.

how to install and setup Wordfence Security in WordPress

Figure 8

Click continue button, to begin with, recommended setting.

Step 9

The “Download.htaccess” button. It is an extra layer of protection. Clicking it allows the app to run before your core WordPress files thus protecting them from hackers.

Clicking the ‘Continue’ button after you download the file.

Wordfence provides more.

  • Blocking option: It will allow you to see who is being blocked and allow you to manually enter an IP address to be blocked. If you have the premium version you can also block entire countries from accessing your website.
  • Live Traffic: It has a ‘Live Traffic’ option that allows to see the live traffic feed and witness how well Wordfence is acting like a knight to protect your fort (website).
  • Option: There is an option named ‘Option’. It is like your little tinker bell that opens up Advanced Settings. The way it already is the best setting according to us but it is up to you what you want to do with your website.

All the settings can be changed after. If you go for a premium option you get lots of varieties but the free stuff is good on its own. And the main job of keeping the website safe is done fantastically in both versions. So…..

Some Other Security Plugins:

If you are not satisfied with Wordfence or you want to compare more than here, go through them in the below. These are few of the best:

This is not it though there are countless more security plugins for the safety of your hard earned website.

Do not fall victim to the bad. Stay safe, stay protected. Knock us anytime if you need any more help.

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