How to Add a Facebook Videos and Live Videos in WordPress with Images

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Recent studies have shown that images and videos (we know that for centuries) make better content and gets viewer’s attention.

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So it is pretty smart to add video to your content in WordPress. So let figure out how to do that.

Better to say, let’s learn how to add a Facebook video in WordPress in some quick easy steps. Check out the snapshots below for ease.

Adding Facebook Videos in WordPress

Step# 1

First thing first have chosen upon a video that you intend to add to your site? If you have then…. good. Because as someone who writes and manages content on a website too I find it very difficult to find the right element for my post.

Now, when you have selected the video on your Facebook account ‘right click’ on the video name or date. A box will come out with lots of option to choose from. Select the ‘copy link address’ option.


Check out the snapshots below.

Figure 1

Step# 2

Now you need to visit the Facebook embedded video player website and find code generator section. There you need to paste the URL that you copied earlier from Facebook in the ‘URL of video’ field. Once there scroll down. There is a place to ‘get code’ option. Click.

Check out the snapshots below.

Figure 2

Step# 3

Once you click it a window will pop up. It will have codes but in two part in 2 separate boxes.

Check out the snapshots below.

Figure 3

The first part of the code is for the header section. There are options to do it. So, do it as you like. You may add it to your theme or a child theme by simply editing the header.php file and paste it right after the <body> tag.

Or you can install and activate the Insert Headers and Footers plugin if you want.

Check out the snapshots below.

Figure 4

This addition only has to be done once. Next time when you add a Facebook video, you will need only to copy and paste the second part of the code.

Step# 4

Return again to the Facebook video embedder page and copy the 2nd part of the code. Add this code in your WordPress site (Posts, Page or Sidebar).

When adding the code to your posts and pages, make sure you are in Text mode, not visual editor mode otherwise, WordPress visual mode will mess up the code.

Check out the snapshots below.

Figure 5

And paste the code and publish and update this post.

Check out the snapshots below.

Figure 6

You can now visit your WordPress site and see the Facebook video is on your site.

Check out the snapshots below.

Figure 7

There it is your video live and sounding. Simple, right? Hope we made it simple.

Let us know if you have still got any problem with it. Ask us a question. Or can send us with the request. We publish new articles every week. If there is something you need to know we will write it and publish it.

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Embed Facebook Live Video in WordPress

This process is also same the difference lies in the obtaining of the URL of your Facebook live video.

Now for obvious reason, Facebook will give you the URL for your live video unless you go live. So start live broadcasting fast and then achieve the URL.

Once you are live right click on the date and select copy link address to get the live video URL.

how to add a Facebook video in WordPress

Figure 8

After getting that required URL to go to Facebook embedded video player website and paste the link in the ‘URL of video’ field.

Check out the snapshots below.

Figure 9

When you have added the URL the video embed code generator will now fetch the signal and showcase your Live Facebook Video.

Now click the ‘get code button’ to continue and follow the instructions described above to add these codes to your website.

Once done the live video will be shown on the website and also on visitor Facebook feed.

Check out the snapshots below.

Figure 10

Get Them In

Hope the article was easy enough to understand and answered your queries too. for more browse our site as we have various articles on various matters that you may even do not know it matters. Also feel free to ask us anything you want regarding WordPress, HTML, Plugins, Themes and so on. You will be glad to help.

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