Best Resource for WordPress Beginners: A Systematic Approach

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best resource for WordPress beginners

As said somewhere WordPress is An Industry of Millions, Built on One Platform. really cool line describing the whole thing. WordPress is ruling the world. It is. And people with skill and knowledge of WordPress is really needed. Good skill and knowledge.

So, if you want to be one of them you are most invited. Let us help you to start off. That is the least we can do, right?

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What Is WordPress And Why Is WordPress Important?

WordPress is a Content Management System shortly known as CMS. This is the most popular one currently. Somewhere in the 65% of all the websites in the world using it. The reasons behind are many like it is also highly customizable without spend time and learning code.

Consider it as pen and paper for the internet. Very easy. Non-coders can manage it damn fine as well. WordPress being an open source platform allows simplicity for people at all skill levels to build a website from the ground level also according to their own preference without spending a buck.

WordPress is full of options providing uncountable choices. As a result, its popularity is ever growing. So is the demand of WordPress developers meaning the person who will create and maintain.

Preparing to Learn WordPress

I still do not know if that phrase is right or not. As WordPress is not just a subject or a job it is much more than that. It can be career and a research topic. But let us get it started with further ado.

Here are some of the best websites that help me and many others to learn WordPress so hope it will help you too. It will. There are free and paid both options. Also included a number of video-based suggestions, visuals, and books.

Here we are putting all the sites you should look at first, never miss and finish.


best resource for WordPress beginners

It is an online course providing the website. is also a paid website resource. It offers online courses on thousands of various topics and courses relating to WordPress training. And it is very helpful.

Members can access to all courses the site has and also the site offers a free trial membership so that you get the heck of it. The WordPress courses start from beginner to intermediate and advanced classes, in short, your whole life in WordPress.

Lynda has a large range of subjects related to topics including web, development, design, business, marketing, and photography as well. You get to work in the various section also get to meet people from the various sector.

One year premium subscription costs $375, one-year basic courses subscription costs $250 and monthly subscriptions are $25. So think multiple times before subscribing and choose wisely.

2. Tuts Plus

best resource for WordPress beginners

This site Tuts Plus has lots of video tutorials and more. Basis access costs $15 per month, and there are free tutorials too. It offers courses on all sorts of topics. The courses include WordPress training too.

There are advanced topics like working with meta-boxes and widgets. All courses use best practices and standards so that the student knows they are getting the highest quality training for their money and time.

3. Udemy

best resource for WordPress beginners

Udemy is an online learning academy that offers a lot of WordPress courses which is over fifty free, and hundreds of others features. It is a paid one. So, users have to purchase. But once if enough as opposed to requiring a subscription for ongoing access. So, it is pretty hassle-free.

They are also offering thousands of other courses and hundreds of WordPress courses on various related topics that are equally important. These courses range in difficulty from beginning level to intermediate and advanced.

They provide detailed instructions that become a part of the student’s permanent digital library, so they can be used for reference again and again. Udemy helps you to become experts.

4. Youtube

best resource for WordPress beginners

Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world and still growing at rapid speed. YouTube in recent years have stepped in all spheres of is no more just a media for entertainment. It is business and it is education.

Not only WordPress but anything you want to learn can be found on YouTube with variety.

5. Official Site is a good starting resourceful official site for learning to use WordPress. These lessons are all about the basics. Theme customizing a site, creating pages and menus, making posts, enhancing sites using multimedia features, updating the blog, etc are included.

It also has topics of device responsiveness and how to make it user-friendly. All of the contents of this site is free and as it is a very old site the information provided is trustworthy. In fact, it is a site you download WordPress from.

6. Codex


WordPress Codex is another official site for WordPress user and an authoritative resource for information and documentation regarding WordPress site. It has an online manual that covers all the basic information relates to creating WordPress sites. So, it is pretty cool.

This site is a free sit and has got very technical resources for both beginning and experienced learners/users.  It includes information from downloading and installing WordPress to getting started and upgrading to a newer version.

It also provides access to various support forums, links, resources, and troubleshooting. This site detailed sections are devoted to beginners, designers, theme developers and site developers.

As you can see it has something for everything. No one returns empty-handed.

7. WP Beginner

best resource for WordPress beginners

This web-based resource site is so free and full. WP Beginner provides beginners with improvement. This site has in-depth training so is frequently confused by new WordPress users. So once you are familiar with the basic then go for it. But this site is literarily hugely popular.

It touches all the topics and makes it quite easier to understand. This site blog provides lots of useful articles that relate to building a site, using all the features available and dealing with problems that arise on the go. All it has a nice ritual of discussing off-topic matters that are in fact related to it somehow. Cool!

8. Hongkiat

best resource for WordPress beginners

Hongkiat is a site for design technology. But it has a dedication towards WordPress. It is a free one. There are lots of articles on the site that explain the basics of using WordPress with easy tutorials.

Its in-depth articles that teach users specific functions of various editors helps to gain a vast knowledge of the subject and gives a depth to your skills and abilities. It also teaches to create a customized shortcode.

This site is regularly updated with new ways to increase efficiency and proficiency in WordPress design. This is a good place for beginners to start learning the basics and for experts to continue adding more to their knowledge base.

9. WordPress TV

Now let us watch some TV but for learning purpose. WordPress TV is a free site for WordPress learners. So, it is like YouTube but specifically for WordPress only. More elegant, serious and means only business.

WordPress TV offers comprehensive video lessons and tutorials. Helps all from the beginners to the well-learned experienced WordPress users. Making things visualize and using the power of sound? Things get a lot easier like that and study has shown watching and listening helps more in learning something new than hearing.

This site also lots of active users that are ready to offer help and advice about topics addressed in the videos. It is like a community.

10. Team Treehouse

best resource for WordPress beginners

Cool name and a cool site. Team Treehouse is also a paid site. But first, you get free trial subscription-based service and then it is $25/month currently.

Once you are in, you have access to the site you will see it has over thousand videos of WordPress denoting, discussing, describing various topics and references.

It is huge!! They also have lots of WordPress training. And Pro members get access to professional workshops and interviews. What else do you need?

11. WP101

best resource for WordPress beginners

Another paid site. WP101 believe videos are the fastest way of learning so they provide premium video tutorials for its users. This site promises its users that they will understand the basics in the first hour of their undivided attentive time.

It also offers personalized help and answers to users’ questions. The site’s video lessons can be watched on any device. They are regularly updating keeping the latest change in mind and served freshly.

12. WP Apprentice (WPA)

best resource for WordPress beginners

WP Apprentice is also paid site like the WP101 site. It is a WordPress helper buddy. They also use videos to offer education and argue to teach students in a short span of time which is one hour like the previous site.

This site features an in-depth training library while offering basic overviews that help users get started quickly. Many nagging issues that remained unsolved for years are taken care of here. You can revisit the various modules over and over, whenever it suits you.

13. Siteground

It is the free and open source community. Not only just a site but Siteground is a place where real learners and users gather and can share headaches and experiences.

The site has got a lot to offer like, it offers a free collection of highly valuable tutorials. They help its users to decipher and understand everything they need to know regarding create a new WordPress site from the scratch and maintaining it in the future.

It also offers a large collection of free themes for WordPress design as well. You can practice, check out and maintain your own website for on hand experience. They offer WordPress site hosting, and free theme installation, support, and automatic updates. So if you get attached to it you will be helped for a lifetime.

14. The Tao of WordPress

Ever heard of the Tao concept? the absolute principle underlying the universe, combining within itself the principles of yin and yang and signifying the way, or code of behavior, that is in harmony with the natural order? Dismiss that. Tao is the absolute principle of anything. And The Tao of WordPress is that. Literarily and figuratively.

It is a complete, comprehensive and 300 pages guide to using a paid platform. This site’s hosting and software in addition to WordPress helps users create a clean layout and text that is easy to read.

The Tao of WordPress guides users creates beautiful sites in no time. This site also offers a book called “WordPress Themes in Depth” is provides 450 pages of tips, tricks and practical advice for developing any theme. Boom!

15. iThemes

best resource for WordPress beginners

Best example of on-hand examples!! These themes provide the basic foundation on how information is presented on a website. iThemes is a great paid resource for learning about adding themes to a WordPress site. You get to see it directly and learn practically.

iThemes offers plugins, themes, and training for new users. Gain gain access to 500 hours of WordPress video training as well for less than $200, users!!

16. WPHub

best resource for WordPress beginners

Hub for the WordPress developers, designers, and all the users. WPHub is a place to get beautiful WordPress themes and features of all kind.

There is 101 section that explains the basics of creating a site using the platform. This site is focused mainly on themes and custom hosting which is actually the focal point of WordPress and also offers lots of help through its custom services options. It is a great resource for people who prefer having someone walk them through learning.


Learning Is Not Limited

Now, as we are making a list that does not mean they are all or you will choose only one among them. No, it is just a help for a more systematic approach. It can be really devasting when you start something new and try to learn it.

All we care and want is to help in that as much as possible. Because at one point of our life we wished for that and we feel that emptiness yet now.

Go Ahead

“All the people in the crowd

Grab a partner, take it down”

Make us that partner. Learning is not easier but you have to start. Well begun is half done.

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